Finding Finance and Insurance Careers in the Automotive Industry
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Finding Finance and Insurance Careers in the Automotive Industry

This is a diverse sector in any economy comprising many business entities involved in the research, design, assembly, marketing, retail and distribution of motor vehicles. As a result of the huge capital involved in the manufacture or acquisition of motor vehicles finance and insurance augment this sector greatly. This is a dynamic industry which revolutionizes from time to time hence a very fertile ground for a fulfilling and challenging career in finance and insurance. To find a job in this industry the labor market dictates a need for innovation and superior skills set for any job one is targeting.

Examples of Career Opportunities in the automotive industry for finance and insurance professionals There are a myriad of openings in this sector but not limited to the list below: Insurance Opportunities:- Sales- Underwriting- Actuarial Science- Claims management.

Finance Opportunities:- Financing- Pricing- Financial Accounting- Financial Analysis and Reporting- Audit- Credit Management

Requirements for a finance and insurance career in the automotive industry to get an entry into this sector one needs to possess the following:

- A bachelor’s degree in finance and insurance- Be Tech savvy and have good mathematical skills- Possess good oral and written communication and presentation skills

- Have some career experience in finance or insurance –Must apply practical driving test booking from the government recognized agency if you are not licensed yet. This will come in handy for staff meeting or visiting customers- Have a strong interest in the automotive industry

Techniques for finding a finance and insurance job in the automotive industry most corporates advertise job openings online. They either use their own company websites or recruitment firms or general job listing sites.

Below are some of the techniques one can employ to land that dream job: Update and enrich your online profile so as to make professional and accurate. This will increase your chances of getting hired once shortlisting and referencing is being done. Visit and register on several online recruitment sites. This is to increase your job search net so that most opportunities do not pass unnoticed- Continuously visit websites for companies in the automotive industry.

As indicated earlier most companies in this time and age use their websites to advertise for job openings hence once one makes it a habit to visit such sites it makes easy to site and apply promptly. Network with employees or friends in this industry. This creates an avenue to be informed of any upcoming or already open opportunities. Connect with suppliers. This will also increase ones network to get information on various available careers. Progressively upgrade your skills with current trends and job market needs by enrolling for workshops, short courses and conferences that impact finance and insurance in the automotive industry.

Sometimes one can make personal visits to companies of interest and inquire for any job opportunities. This will demonstrate interest in the potential employer, which most people do not display.

In conclusion, be on the lookout for upcoming automotive industry job market needs and strategically position yourself to find your dream career.