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Foreign Currency Trading Guides & Forex Tools

What is the forex market? Forex is an acronym for foreign exchange and it is the largest financial market in the world. The forex market consists of about 5000 international financial institutions that can manage the colossal amounts of currency passing through them. All the financial bodies that are entitled to mange the forex market are large trust worthy companies such as federal banks, international banks and large investment firms. As a result of that the forex market is both free and dynamic and still trust worthy.

The forex market is by far the largest financial market today. Each day there are more than 1.5 trillion dollars worth of foreign currency traded in this market. This is more than 30 times more than all other equity markets in the U.S combined.

Due to the gigantic size of the forex market it is truly a free market. No single government or bank can seize control of the Forex trading system. As a result the forex market is very open to speculation. Only 15 percent of the trades made each day are by companies who are in need for certain foreign currencies, all the rest of the forex trade is speculative. Meaning there is a lot of money to be made for the smart investor!
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This means that you buy 10,000 EUR and sell 10,000 × 1.2509 = $ 12,509. To do this transaction, you do not have to pay $ 12,509, but 100 times lower, at only $ 125.09.

For example, the EUR / USD is 1.2505 / 1.2509. You have to analyze the market and determined that the value of EUR / USD is moving higher (at least to 1.2600).